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Component Comparison

This tool will help you compare the components of your digital solution to those of your competition. While analyzing the competitive landscape will help you identify your advantage, it can also spark opportunities to potentially collaborate with those competitors.

There are three steps to completing the table below:

  1. Use your responses from the Core, Modular, Hackable Tool to fill in the components or key features of your product or service. Ask yourself the following questions: Which components of my digital solution are core, modular, and hackable? Which complementary services are included in my digital solution?
  2. Determine who your top five competitors are and identify each as Competitor 1 through 5. Then evaluate whether those competitors have the components (core, modular, and hackable) and complementary services that you identified as part of your solution. This should include all the key software components, hardware components (where applicable), and other services that are part of the solution. Also, for each of your competitors, list the components or key features that they have that are not part of your solution.
  3. Finally, if your competitors do have similar components and complementary services, then review whether their components, features, and services are inferior or superior to those in your solution. This can be done by asking yourself the following questions: What is the quality of the component? Is it efficient? Does it respond to consumer preferences?
Core Components
You don’t have any components of this type.
Modular Components
You don’t have any components of this type.
Hackable Components
You don’t have any components of this type.
Complementary Services
Components Not in Your Solution

Created by Cristina Alves, Eliana Fram, and Ian Gray