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Value Network

In order to create a sustainable business model, it is critical to ensure that you have the right partnerships in place.

  1. List your stakeholders. The first stage of developing partnerships is to identify the stakeholders that are in your value network. You should list them in the Stakeholders column of the table below. Stakeholders are any organizations, individuals, or other entities that have an impact on the creation and delivery of your digital solution. In the Key Information column, capture key information about each stakeholder. This information should be what their relationship is to your organization and to any other stakeholders, what their interests are, and any other pertinent information that helps your team understand the stakeholder better.
  2. Gives and Gets. For each stakeholder, identify what you need from them and what they need from you. These should then be articulated as Gives or Gets—what you will provide to them (Gives) and what the stakeholder will provide you (Gets). Ensure that this is evidence-based and not just your hypothesis. Register the information in the Gives and Gets columns.
  3. Inner (IVN) and outer (OVN) value network identification. Once you have completed the first two steps, make a decision as to which of the stakeholders require a form of partnership. These stakeholders will need to be part of your IVN. The other stakeholders will need to be marked as being in your OVN.
  4. Action planning. For each stakeholder, capture any actions you need to take, particularly for those in your IVN.
StakeholderKey InformationGiveGetNetworkActions

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