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This project was delivered due to the hard work of the following:

  • The team who developed the content:
    • Ian Gray
    • Cristina Alves
    • Amos Doornbos
    • Eliana Fram
    • Matt Haikin
    • Akshika Patel
  • The team who managed various aspects of the project:
    • Nicki Ashcroft
    • Steve Conrad
    • Trish Dorsey
    • Michael Downey
    • Laura Walker McDonald
    • Claudine Lim
    • Scott Neilitz
    • Allana Nelson
  • The designers and website developers at Bad Idea Factory:
    • Justin Reese (Technical Project Lead)
    • Dan Schultz (Lead Developer)
    • Margo Dunlap (UX Designer)
    • Annabel Church (Developer)
    • Kavya Sukumar (Developer)
  • The additional reference group and reviewers who provided invaluable feedback, insights, and contributions:
    • Heath Arensen
    • Ed Duffus
    • Aru Gurung
    • Angela Odour Lungati
    • Mario Marais
    • Nekesa Were
    • Stuart Davis
    • Brenda Maday
    • John Zoltner
  • The original Business Model Canvas that the toolkit is based on: