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Decision-Making Stakeholder Matrix

This tool will help you identify the decision-makers who influence the adoption, purchase, use, and support of your digital solution and where they sit in the decision-making process. It consists of four steps:

  1. Identify: Think about who the decision-makers are and who will benefit from the decision.
  2. Understand: Consider what is important to each of the stakeholders and what role each plays in the decision-making process.
  3. Map: Consider the level of impact the decision has on each stakeholder and how much influence each may have over the decision.
  4. Action plan for “yes”: Determine what it will take to get stakeholders to say “yes” to your digital solution. Questions to consider for each of the columns in this step include:
    1. What are the potential objections and/or barriers stakeholders may have to the decision?
      • Does your product or service create any conflict of interest for them?
      • Have these stakeholders previously expressed resistance, and are they still prone to resist?
      • What could stakeholders do to stop the decision from taking place?
    2. What are the potential enablers of getting each stakeholder to say “yes”?
      • How could stakeholders benefit, and does your product or service align with their mission and/or vision?
      • Are there any existing connections that may influence their decision in a positive way?
      • Have these stakeholders previously expressed interest, and are they still likely to be interested?
    3. What engagement activities are needed to get each stakeholder to say “yes”?
      • Examples of activities include roundtable discussions, workshops, meetings, third party endorsements, demonstrations, free trials etc.
1. Identify2. Understand3. Map4. Make Action Plan

Created by Cristina Alves, Eliana Fram, and Ian Gray